About Us

Best Friends & Soul Sisters! <3 

We can finish each others sentences, we say the same things at the same time, we are both convinced that we actual share the same brain!!! :) <3

One of many things that we are both truly passionate about is the BEACH! Yes, the BEACH! All aspects of the BEACH! From the ocean air, salt in our hair, sandy feet, high tides, ocean sunrises, beautiful sunsets, seashells, sunbathing, and all the wonders of the ocean in general!!  

Both growing up on the East Coast in Maine we were fortunate to be able to frequent the most beautiful Maine beaches often! Our mission now is to be able to travel the world and frequent the most beautiful beaches everywhere!! 

A visit to the beach always leaves us feeling alive and cleansed - emotionally, physically, and spiritually! The combination of the ocean air, sun, and sand are by far the best therapy we could ask for! 

On one of our beach travels we both decided that we wanted to feel the good beach vibes everyday! We wanted to incorporate the feeling of the good beach vibes daily into our lives and be able to share the vibes with others! What better way to meet our needs and share with the world then MyBeachVibes.com 

Together we have created MyBeachVibes popular Wave Collection and we strive to continue to build a solid brand! Together we will spread the power of the ocean and positive beach vibes everywhere!! 

MyBeachVibes ~ Becky & Terri 

“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, 

                                     long after our footprints in the sand are gone!” ~ Anonymous