Life's A Beach 5 Reasons Why I Love The Beach

Life's A Beach 😎 I can think of so many reasons why I love the beach and as I sit here thinking about them all I want to grab the sunscreen and my beach bag and go!! 

Let's break out the flip flops and head to the Beach!! Let me count the ways why I love the beach so much! 🤗

1.) The sweet sound of waves crashing - To sit on the beach, watch the waves, and listen to them crashing on the shore is one of my favorite reasons why I love the beach! I believe this is one of the most soothing, beautiful, relaxing sounds here on earth! Listing to the ocean's waves crashing on the shore brings peace to my soul! It grounds me and brings me peace! 

2.) Soaking up some sun - I don't know about you however once that hot radiant sun hits my skin I can instantly feel my spirits lifting! I can feel my body soaking up the Vitamin D. I immediately feel restored and a sense happiness and balance! Don't forget the sunscreen though! You don't have to resemble a lobster at the end of the day! ☀️

3.) Gentle Ocean Breeze - I really can't think of a more refreshing feeling then laying in the sun with a gentle ocean sea breeze blowing through your hair! It reminds me of the simplicity of life! 

4.) Tranquility - Sometimes taking a break from reality is a must! If it was up to me I would be on vacation at least once a month 😎 However, for most of us that is just not close to reality! Taking a quick trip to the nearest ocean always makes me feel like I got away from it all! Just me, a beach bag, flip flops, beverage, and my beach chair! That is all the tranquility I need! 

5.) Ocean's Beauty - "You are one step closer to heaven when your at the beach" so they say! I believe that this basically says it all on how I feel about the beach! The beauty leaves me speechless and looking out at the vast ocean has a beauty all of its own! It gives me clarity and prespective of what is truly important to me!

These 5 reasons are only the beginning of why I love the beach! I could write a book I think! For now I am going to take a hot sea salt bath, play some relaxing ocean waves meditation tapes and bring the oceans beauty to me! ❤️

Spreading Beach Vibes ✌️


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